Privacy Statement of Platzi

This is a legal document that explains how we care your personal information and the terms of service cwhen you use Platzi. Thank you for your trust. If some concept requires more explanation, do not hesitate in write us a email to [email protected].

Key aspects of the privacy statement of Platzi

  • The participation of the courses to Platzi contains transparent information for the user, it is available from the user profile, included: Approved Courses, created contributions created (discussions, comments) and approved degrees. You can modified your profile in any moment for hide part of this information.
  • For Sing In in Platzi we collect information how the IP address of the device and the used browser for access to Platzi. We use this information for updated the profile with the correct country, offer relevant information for your region or device.
  • In any moment you can modified the personal information, like: name, telephone number and username. Even you will can hide certain public information and the search engines how Google and Bing.
  • For more information about our privacy statement you can continue reading the document or write us [email protected]


Welcome to Platzi, an online service ( “The service” or the “ Website”) provided by Platzi INC (“”). We respect your privacy and we want that you know that the information that collect about you and what we do with this information. The next Privacy Statement was created for helping you to understand how will be used the information that you provided to This privacy statement applies for all the information that we collect about you. Please know that can contains hyperlinks to anothers websites and occasionally this websites could be contains share the brand or the brand of the one our members. This websites that can connected to the Service or possess the brand of can obtain the Privacy Statement that differ of the brands of


How contacting us ?

If you have any question about this Privacy Statement, please contact us to [email protected]. If you will want contact to Platzi for any other reason for a traditional way, please write to Platzi, INC. 535 ST. Floor 14th SAN FRANCISCO, CA 94105 Attn: Platzi Team.


What type of information we collect ?

Depending of how you use the service we can collect the next information:

Registration Information

Do not require that you give us any type of personal information for access to our Website neither for see the information that we provided usually in our Website. Nevertheless, we can offer you the opportunity to sing in with us or join to our email list. Despite that is not necessary sign in for access to our Website, is necessary connect the social network profiles for participate in the chats. In case that you want participate in one course we need you personal information for the register in each course to be redirected to any method of payment (Paypal) for make the respective payment. In other moments, could be that also we ask you that provide additional information, like your age, gender and other personal information for you can receive additional information of our services in a future. could will need this information for know you better, helping you to understand new services, programs and offers in whereby you could be interested and improving your online experience.

Automatic Collection of Data

You may visit our Website and use certain of our services of anonymous way. However, even you was registered with us or not, can collect certain personal information for the use of our services. For example, can collect information concerning to the type of Internet that you use, the type of computer or the operative system that you use, your IP address, your connection speed, the domain name of your Internet service vendor, the geographical location of where you is access to our services and or the Website or advertising of where you connected to our Website. Once that you have register with us, also we track and collect information about you include your transactions with us, our members, or others and the standards that you follow up to use our Website, like a pages of the Website that you visited, search that led, and the time that you passed in our Website. If you decide contact us, we can save one record of your correspondence.


When you visit our Website or put click in any hyperlink that appear in this, or use one or more of our services, we can use a industrial technology calls "cookies" that store certain information in your computer and allow us personalize your experience for align with your interests and preferences or simply facilitated you access to use our services. The majority of the browsers will allow that you remove or blocked the "cookies" of your computer or hard drive modify the sames when this will be active. Please refer to the browser instructions for help or know better your functions. Please note, however, that if you blocked of your browser the use of this cookies, the service will could not used or you cannot access to our Website or maybe could affect the function of the page as such.

Information that received of our members

Also you can provide personal information to third parties or pages of brand’s members through we provided access to our services ("Redes Afiliadas"). When you register with us, the Red Afiliada of the which you join could provide us with your username and password of the network. Some of this Redes Afiliadas or others networks could will share any information that you shared with us. At use our services, you will be agreed in allow us to received and use any information, expect credit cards information that you provided to the redes afiliadas, under the same terms how if you are providing to us directly. If pass or do not that one Red Afiliada share your information and to what extent their share with us will depending of your agreement with us and your individual or particular privacy statement.


How we use your personal information?

Provide a better product and service

In general terms, can will use information about you for provided and improved The Service. can shared this information with the vendors of the service about content, members and other entities of a impersonal way for demographic studies and preferencial information for the users of the service or for other purposes. This information can include the use and the demographic data, but this do not will include your personal information (like your email address). If you provide to with personal information, we took reasoned and appropriate steps for protected this information. Except as described in this Privacy Statement, do not revealed, shared, sell or rent personal information collected in our Website to third parties for your promotional use without your consent unless that is for a specific program to you can ask us do not participate. If you request received information of our members to select this option in the future, we can share you register information and transactions information in our service with the studies and or our members. If you access to our services though of one member version to our Website that contains a notice of this information will be shared with such member that will show under the name of the member Website, any personal information or non-personal information will be share with this member Website. Any use of this information of be part to will be subjected to this privacy statement, and any use of this information for one member will be subjected to this privacy statement and the privacy statement member. We do not share of your credits cards information accounts with redes afiliadas or neither other third parties, except the processing credit cards service described below.

Communicate with you

For maintaining you informed about our services, we could be send emails and announcements that is be necessary for the administration of our Website and The Service. Also we could provided to our users with the option to join us to our email list to receive additional information about our Website,services and offers, included of the, o their members.


Services of third parties with how shared user information

Statistics and advertising
  • Google Analytics
  • Inspectlet
  • Facebook Analytics
  • Twitter Analytics
  • Facebook Ads
  • Google Adwords
Personal Information
  • Cookies
  • Use Data
Register and authentication
  • Twitter OAuth
  • Facebook Authentication
Personal Data
  • Differents kinds of data, according to in the Privacy Statement of the service
Payment Processing
  • Stripe
  • PayPal
  • ComproPago
  • PayU
Personal Data
  • Name and Lastname
  • Email


We use reasonable security methods for protect the data that found in our servers. However, any security system is impenetrable, for this reason, we do not guarantee the security of our servers. Also is possible that the information that you provide us could be intercepted during the transmission data.

Every time that you give to sensible information ( for example: passwords, credit cards numbers, etc), will take reasonable trade measures for protected this information and establish one security connection with our Web Server. employ a standard industrial technology know like secure-socket-layer ("SSL") for protect the transmission of the payment to the Website. You can check the security of your connection after observed the URL bar of your browser window. When you access at one protect server for SSL, the first characters of the address that changed to "http" to "https."

For helping you to protect the information of your account, please maintain your saved password. Your password will be maintain in our system on a coded form since understand that your privacy is very important. will create a new password in case that you forgotten and will be send to a email. This do not affect your profile of any way. We suggest that choose a password you do not obvious that contains numbers and letters. Furthermore, we recommend that you do not disclose your password to anyone. Lately, you are responsible for maintain in secret your password and information of your account to

The Privacy Statement of do not extend to nothing inherent in the operation of the Internet, therefore thrown further away of the control to, and have not applies of any way opposite to the law or the government regulations.



In the fulfillment of the Federal Act of 1998 for the online privacy and the Children Protection (COPPA), we does not ask knowingly personal information of any person under thirteen (13) years without the consent of their parents. Any person that provided us this type of information represents that have 13 or more years of age.


Links to others networks

The links to others networks are integral parts of the functionality of Internet, included our Website. Any hyperlink that provide to URL of a different domain to in the address bar of your browser is an hyperlink to one page outside of our service. This include hyperlinks to our content vendors in the service, members, or hyperlinks to third parties that can be connected with This others networks can send theirs "cookies" to you, collect data or request personal information. can not guarantee and have not make responsible for the content of others networks or pages.

Please keep in mind that each time that you provided personal information to other networks or pages (for example, though messages or Chat), this information may be collect and or use for persons that you do not know. While endeavours for protect to our visitants, personal information, and privacy, we cannot guarantee the security neither the privacy of any information that you reveals to others Websites, and you do own risk. You should learn about the practiced and privacy statements and security of the External Internet Sites before to providing your personal data.


Special note for international users

The service is located in servers located in the United States of America. If you access to the Service since the European Union, Asia or any region with laws that regulates the collections, the use or the revelation of personal information differents to the americans laws, take note that is transfer your personal data to the United States of America where the protections data laws do not equals to the EU or others regions, and in the act of provided us your data are consenting a:

  • Use of personal information for the identified uses according to this Privacy Statement
  • The transference of your personal information to the United States of America as described above.

How review, updated or remove the register information

As part o the use to our services, you are responsible to update the subject information you are responsible to update and completed. For update your register information, please access to your account to and make the desired change to modified profile. Also you can access to your account of for changed your preferences such as cancel your subscription to the email list.