How is reflecting the domain .gov to the search engines?

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I found this quote from Matt Cutts in 2006 when he was still at Google: "Google doesn’t treat .edu and .gov links differently, those pages just usually have a lot of PageRank." Disclaimer, that was a long time ago so it might have changed.
3 years
Yep, maybe but my experience is showing something else. Here is the first example. I was doing the SEO and the Digital Marketing for vice Mayor from one big city in Philippines. It was election campaign website. So thank you lord she become a mayor after the election :D:D:D So we transfer the website and the whole data to the new domain .gov and then it just happened. Everything was indexed very fast, reach high page rank fast and show great results. For the first website it take me around 3-6 month to reach this results. And the first website was on .com