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Freud said;

human has two innate drives, sexual [the venom is an incredible problem of microbes] and death. These two drives are opposed to the ideal of society [this one of the ideal is that I did not perceive nor anybody, there is some ideal, which is the ideal as if there had ever been an ideal and society another metaphorical abstraction and of illusion, which is a society in palpable material terms, there are even societies or configurations or mirages] and therefore need [this need seems to be an indulgence] to be controlled through education [education is great is to see pornography] that the energy generated by drives can not be released directly. The human being is thus sexual and aggressive by nature [what this, an error of creation] and the function of society is to soothe these natural tendencies of man [that is why it created the rule of law that are more states of crooked ]. The situation of not being able to give vent to this energy generates in the individual a state of internal tension that needs to be solved [the solved that is not solved but by the separation of the trig of the tares] Every action of the man is motivated [but this reason is to be destroyed] by the hedonistic quest to give vent to the accumulated psychic energy. [1]


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