SEO & SEM Course

SEO & SEM Course

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Welcome to the SEO and SEM Course

6:00 min

Do your Research

Know your Competitors

5:00 min

Know your Target Persona

5:00 min

Identify Keywords

Find the Right Opportunities | Case

3:00 min

Set up your Tools

Google Analytics

16:00 min

Google Webmaster Tools

15:00 min

Google Adwords, Search Ads

7:00 min

Google Adwords, Display Ads

Google Adwords, Video Ads

Set up your Adwords Account

Setting up Ad Campaigns

Identifying Keywords

When to Use Search, Display and Video Ads

Creating a Paid Search Campaign

Creating a Display Ad Campaign

Creating the Image Ad

Creating a Video Ad Campaign


Course Recap

Stay in touch!


Challenge 1

Challenge 2

Bonus Content

Technical SEO

13:00 min

Optimizing a Search Campaign

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