Marketing Funnel Crash Course

Marketing Funnel Crash Course

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Marketing Funnel Crash

How the Marketing Funnel Looks

Acquisition vs Retention

Planning out your own Marketing Funnel

Landing Pages

Why Landing Page

Elements of a Good Landing Page

Walkthrough: Example of a Landing Page

Walkthrough: Example Landing Page B2B

Walkthrough: Example Landing Page App Consumers

Plan and Draw out your Landing Page Layout

Resource: Landing Page Tools


Building a Landing Page 1

Building a Landing Page 2

Mobile Design

Email Marketing

Why Email Marketing

Email Marketing Setup

Email Marketing Layout

Connecting Email to Landing Page

Creating an Email Drip Campaign

Creating Email Newsletters


Intro to Metrics. What to Look out for.

Google Analytics

Landing Page Conversion

Email Open Rate / Flow

Course Closure

Bonus Content

Pixels: Adwords, FB, Pinterest, Twitter

Conversion Optimization (Sumome)

Social Media Marketing

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