Growth Marketing Course

Growth Marketing Course

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Welcome to the Growth Marketing Course

Growth Marketing as a Career

Introduction to Growth Marketing as a Career

A/B Testing, The Bread and Butter of Growth Marketing

Defining and Executing the Experiment

Skill set of a Growth Marketer

Focusing on your Core Skill

Content Creation (inbound marketing)


CRM Lifecycle - Email and Push

Paid Acquisition + SEO - Facebook, Google, Twitter, etc

Offline Data Driven Marketing

SQL and Database Infrastructure

Comparison of Two Digital Ads

Ad Selection and Optimization Project

LTV & CAC: the 2 most important acronyms to a Marketer

What is Customer Lifetime Value

What is Customer Acquisition Cost

LTV & CAC Project

Introduction to the project

Begin analyzing the data and create new columns to begin LTV analysis

Build out Customer LTV Pivot Tables by Cohort

Derive LTV by acquisition channel and make recommendations for Allowable CAC by Channel




Challenge 1

Challenge 2

Challenge 3

Challenge 4

Challenge 5

Bonus Content

Statistical Significance Calculations

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