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7 years ago

This was our original launch post in Spanish, back in the day…

Names are hard. Facebook was “The Facebook”; Twitter was “Twttr”; LG used to be “Goldstar”.

This is the story of Platzi.

Over 15 years ago Christian Van Der Henst created “Maestros del Web,” the first web community in Spanish. And more than 10 years ago I founded Cristalab, a design and interactive programming community . Our DNA was teaching.

In 2010 we launched “Mejorando la Web” as a parody of “Maestros del Web”. To our surprise, the company started to get serious. In panic, I changed the name to mlw.io. The mistake was evident after a few days of complaints. We quickly changed it to the name that made us who we are today: Mejorando.la.

Por el genio Diego Miramontes

Who would have thought that “Mejorando.la” would become the main player of change in the way hispanics learn about tech?

Platzi “the online education platform”

Platzi is the jewel of Mejorando.la. It’s the platform that inspires commitment and community through live interaction between students and teachers. With real-time collaboration on notes, answers and projects.

In 2013 we launched our first courses knowing we didn’t want it to be just videos. We hated the popular “MOOCs” full of users, but lacking actual graduates. We called this experience we were creating: “Platzi”.

Today, after graduating tens of thousands of students worldwide who are creating amazing companies, getting better jobs and contributing to the Hispanic tech ecosystem, we are accepting our new reality:

Platzi is the most important thing we’ll do in our lives. A real contribution to make the Hispanic Region a true technology power player.

Platzi in Silicon Valley

We moved to Mountain View, a few minutes away from Google.

There is no need to be in Silicon Valley to create a great company. But here live the most important inventors of technology. Our mission is to connect those people who are creating the future of the Internet to you.

Part of this whole experience is to launch our brand in English to have a global reach. Because, yeah … “Mejorando.la” doesn’t sound as good in English.

Platzi is not just a new brand and a redesign. It is the mission of making your dreams come true. To help you get better projects, better jobs or, hopefully, help you to succeed in your own startup. No matter where you were born.

If you have come here, we know you’re on it. So now we need your help, to make Platzi known to the next generation of Internet makers.

In English we will use (for now) @IAmPlatzi in TW and FB.

This is not the only surprise of the year. We’ll have new courses and new events. We will continue working to create the largest effort in online education for the world.

Education should be online by default.

John Freddy
John Freddy


7 years ago

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