Startup Law 101: Learn how to avoid costly mistakes


6 years ago

Remember when we explained that finance was one of those topics that startup founders couldn’t ignore? Well, the same goes for legal matters: as the saying goes, “ignorance of the law is no excuse.” And yet, too many entrepreneurs launch a company without the basic legal knowledge that could help them avoid costly mistakes and even lawsuits.

Whether you are already running a company or planning to launch one, there are concepts you should be familiar with, and Platzi is here to help you learn about them – at no cost. As a matter of fact, our Startup Law 101 masterclass is entirely free, and will give you the essential knowledge needed during the early stages of your company.

To start with, it will cover some key questions around company formation, such as the different types of corporations and their respective advantages and disadvantages for startups. In addition, it will teach you about term sheets and the conditions you will need to negotiate during fundraising.
As we know that many startups have non-US team members and face immigration issues when moving to the US or hiring from there, we have also included a whole chapter on US visas for foreign entrepreneurs.

Appropriately, our teacher Tytus Cytowski is a member of the New York State Bar with a particular interest in cross-border transactions; some of you may remember his Ignite talk at PlatziConf Mexico last June, which focused on 10 important lessons for foreign entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley.

The founding partner of Cytowski LLC, Tytus graduated from Harvard Law School with a Master of Laws degree and received his JD magna cum laude from Warsaw University. His practice focuses on corporate and securities law, mergers & acquisitions and venture capital matters.

To watch this masterclass, all you have to do is sign up here. We hope you will find it useful and look forward to your comments.



6 years ago

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