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6 years ago

As marketers, you are always forced to think of your campaigns on a channel basis. But then outbound.io shows up and shakes it all up.

“Don’t ask what emails you need to set up. Instead, think about where your customers are getting stuck. Then use the right channel — email, mobile push, SMS, voice, etc. — to send a message automatically when a customer doesn’t take the next step.”

Don’t miss our class on how to send email, mobile push and SMS based on what your users do using outbound.io, Class is tomorrow, Saturday April the 4th at 1PM PST. Don’t miss it

Class will cover:

  • Retention
  • Growth
  • Make your users come back
  • Talk to users
  • Measure the things that you wnat your user to do
  • Treat your users like humans
  • Testing
  • Figuring out your Ask(s)
  • Figuring out your Anchors
  • Make your winners permanent

Sign up for free right now, on Platzi, to see it online: https://courses.platzi.com/courses/outbound/

###Anchor and Ask

There are three reasons why Outbound is a unique marketing automation tool: It manages email, push notifications, voice calls, and SMS from a single interface.

Outbound basically helps you limit the number of messages you send to people that fall in multiple user segments. And, it lets you target messages by what users didn’t do.

This is a great chance to talk directly to the people behind Outbound.io. We’d love to hear from you and learn how to make this community building system better for everybody. Don’t miss it.



6 years ago

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