Platzi changed their lives, and it can change yours too


6 years ago

Vinizzio had just graduated from the University in Ecuador and was looking for options to further his knowledge. John was studying Computer Engineering at the University of Cordoba in Colombia and wanted to meet fellow Javascript developers. Miguel was working as a developer at a Mexico-based company but was feeling like he wasn’t growing.

Beyond these three characters, this is the story of thousands of people who took a bet on online education with Platzi, only to open up new horizons for themselves.

###Programming changed these two girls’ lives

Vicky and Jaqueline are two young women with one thing in common: both had office jobs that were very unsatisfactory. The obligation to work with outdated technology, low wages, inflexible schedules, and even gender inequality became reasons to look for an alternative.

Vicky now works independently and manages her own time. She’s a Ruby on Rails programmer and studies via Platzi from her home in La Guajira, Colombia. As for Jaqueline, she has taken our Digital Strategy and Video Production & Monetization courses, and since she also knows how to code, she is currently working on several mobile and web applications from the United States.

###Online education works

Vinizzio has been studying with Platzi since last year, and passed 14 courses in less than eight months. He recalls how he decided to start taking online courses:

“I did some research on Google, I found Platzi and after reading relevant information, somewhat skeptically at first, I decided to give it a try. Let me tell you… that was the best decision I’ve ever made, and thanks to you I have learned and continue learning how to be a professional developer,” he told us.

Today, Vinizzio works independently and has developed amazing projects. This includes a web application ordered by Ecuador’s National Automobile and Karting Federation to share results from all national rally competitions online.

Miguel took our Online Marketing course, then our AdWords course; but it was only after he started to use GitHub that things clicked. Thanks to Mike Nieva, who was teaching our GitHub class, he found the motivation to keep on learning new skills. Since then he has completed our course on Design & Web Development, and is currently following the Video Production & Monetization, WordPress, Databases and Ruby courses.

Perhaps more importantly, when he interviewed for his current role, he was offered a position for a larger area than the one he had applied for. Thanks to Platzi courses, he’s getting a better salary while making use of his newly honed programming, marketing and new technologies skills.

“That’s why I thank you for all the knowledge I got from you, as I am now a manager at an advertising company that opened not one but three areas because of my arrival. I truly feel very happy and this is hard to describe, but career-wise I think I have become alive,” he wrote to us.

As for John Fredy, he studied for one year at Platzi and passed seven courses, which inspired him to create the first web developer community in Monteria, Colombia. With the support of teachers and friends from the Platzi Community such as Julián Duque, Juan Pablo Buriticá and David Avellaneda, he made MonteriaJS a reality, and now plans to make it grow.

###From students to members of Platzi Team

Speaking of community, the story of several members of Team Platzi started out just like Mike’s, who began studying at Platzi in 2012 and used to do hangouts with fellow students after class. Today Mike is our Country Manager in Mexico and his mission is to help Platzi keep on growing every day.

Alejandro took part the first Mejorando.la program with our founders Freddy and Christian. He learned on their previous sites Cristalab and Maestros del Web, and joined the latter. He is now Platzi’s Inbound Marketing Lead and also overviews the publication of articles such as the one you are reading right now.

Likewise, I could tell you about Fanny, once one of our best students, who is now part of our Front-end team; Carlos and Santiago from our design team… and even myself.

There are many things that can make our day at Platzi. For me, one of them is to receive this kind of stories, so please don’t hesitate to share yours. I’d love to know what learning with us helped you achieve.



6 years ago

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