Platzi is now part of Y-Combinator


7 years ago

Platzi is now part of Y Combinator.

It’s been quite some time. Here at Platzi, we’ve spent the last two years building ways and methods for online teaching that are meant to inspire our students, so that it’s easier for them to commit towards their learning. This means we’ve done hundreds of live classes and have racked up an audience of over seventy thousand students in Latin America, Spain and the Spanish speaking world.

Part of what makes us, us is a strong commitment towards a 100% investment of our time and energy, vested towards improving the quality of our classes, lectures and course material. Platzi has also grown tremendously, the past two years launched us from a 3-man team to having over 30 people working on this. We’re also a multinational company as we currently run offices in México, Bogotá and in Mountain View -The Silicon Valley-.

And Mountain View has been great. We’re here because we were made part of Y-Combinator since January 2015.

YC is, by far and in our opinion, the most important and prestigious club to belong to whence you come to the Silicon Valley. We were accepted out of 60,000 applicants where only 3% of companies are looked at. This is Ivy League acceptance rated. And our classmates -which include Reddit, AirBNB, Dropbox, Stripe, Hacker News, Twitch, Docker, Parse, Pebble, Heroku- have a lot to show to the world as far as the stuff that makes YC great. … we are very fortunate.

YC is not an accelerator, or an incubator. It’s a community, and it’s made up by the very best entrepreneurs on the planet.

Thus, it’s an incredible privilege to be here. We had YC’s president, Sam Altman, sign up and deliver a class. That was awesome. In the upcoming months we will have Paul Buchheit teaching, that is… the man behind Gmail, Adsense, Friendfeed and responsible for coining the term “Don’t be evil”, Paul Buchheit, who will teach on our platform.

##What’s in store for our students

We will give nothing but our best, for you. Now more than ever it’s time to expect a better Platzi. We will not rest and let go our mission of delivering only the best, most relevant content with better courses, better material and local presence events.

We want to make more Y-Combinator founders out of our students. And that… is that. No matter where you were born, no matter what your outlook is, we’re here to make you the best version of you and give you a hand to launch and create what will soon be the future of our internet.



7 years ago

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