PlatziConf brings Y Combinator and more to Mexico


6 years ago

Wish you could rub elbows with highly successful professionals from the likes of Y Combinator’s network, Reddit and Sails.js? This is the opportunity our students will get at PlatziConf Mexico, the one-day event on entrepreneurship and technology we are holding this Saturday May 2nd in Mexico City.

Even if you are not in Mexico, we still have good news: the entire conference will be livestreamed, and several of the talks will be broadcast directly in English.

###Levelling up with Y Combinator

This week’s PlatziConf will be our third event in Mexico, and our expectations are higher than ever. Don’t get this wrong: we are incredibly proud of last year’s Mejorando.la Conferencia, and very grateful to everyone who made it possible. Still, there is no denying that PlatziConf Mexico 2015 will take things to a whole new level.

As a matter of fact, this is the first time ever that Y Combinator partners with an event in Latin America. The world’s leading startup accelerator will be represented by nobody less than Sam Altman.

Sam Altman

While Altman is perhaps best known as YC’s president, he’s also an entrepreneur and investor in his own right. Not only did he sell his startup Loopt for $43.4 million, but he also put money into companies such as Change.org, Instacart, Optimizely and Reddit… and he’s only just turned 30.

YC will also be present at PlatziConf through its alumni; Platzi co-founders Freddy Vega and Christian Van Der Henst aside, the day’s line-up also includes Jonah Greenberger,whose solar power startup Bright was recently featured on TechCrunch. As the blog pointed out, Greenberger took an interesting career turn when he “left his job working in fossil fuels at Chevron to work on lowering exorbitant energy costs for the people of Mexico.”

In addition, YC-backed Treeline will be present through its co-founder, Mike McNeil, who is also the creator of popular Node.js framework Sails.js. Treeline’s mission is both very simple and highly ambitious: enable its users to build a backend without writing code.

###Crossing bridges
If you speak Spanish as well, you will also want to listen to these two speakers:

Lia Navarro and Sebastian Delmont

A Mexican native, Lia Navarro is in charge of regional sales at giant online forum Reddit. Her previous employer was publishing heavyweight Condé Nast, from which Reddit spun off in 2011 following its 2006 takeover.

As for Sebastian Delmont, he will share his experience from RoR and Android developer to CTO of Streeteasy, which was sold for $50 million in 2013.

###What you can expect

While these speakers are undoubtedly successful, we want to make clear that PlatziConf isn’t about boasting. Instead, you can rest assured that attending and watching the conference will be an opportunity to understand that overnight success doesn’t exist.

On the other hand, we hope that by the end of PlatziConf, you will have found the inspiration to contribute to the entrepreneurship ecosystem, in Latin America and beyond.

Make sure to bookmark this page to follow Saturday’s livestream. The day will kick off at 9am local time (UTC-5 hours) – click here to find your local time.



6 years ago

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