Node.js + io.js make peace to join forces


6 years ago

May 8th 2015 will likely be remembered as a special day in the history of Internet, as the date on which Mikeal Rogersannounced the documentation for the Node.js Foundation, which was born from the merger of Node.js and io.js. The result will be greater than the sum of its parts, which brings about a promising future for the Web.

The plan is to start a new GitHub repository called Node.js-convergence, led by a new Technical Steering Committee. It will use io.js’ master as its starting base, to be completed later on with new elements from Node.js.

During the convergence phase, both projects will keep on releasing updates on a regular basis, which will eventually be integrated into the new project.

The Node.js Foundation will implement a series of measures to ensure the future of this platform. Most importantly, it will keep fostering a culture in which the community is heavily involved in the development process, as io.js currently does.

According to Mikeal, being an Open-Source foundation will help the new organization focus on diversity within its community. Unlike a project, a foundation can be held libel for any discrimination.

As a matter of fact, the foundation already issued a first version of its Code of Conduct, which will be updated whenever necessary to achieve a healthy coexistence within the community.

From an administrative point of view, the foundation will be led by a directors’ board composed mainly of corporate members — i.e. companies that make an annual donation to the project.

The number of seats on the board will depend on the foundation’s size and on donation levels, which can either be silver, gold or platinum. The latter requires a donation of USD$250,000 per year. However, there will also be board members from NGOs and fee-paying members.

The TSC is estimated to start with 6 members and is expected to grow up to 12 members, its members will be elected by the community.

The idea behind this merger is to maintain an open culture with an engaged community, while providing the continuity and trust that are necessary to a platform used by corporations.

Node.js’ new version following its integration with io.jswill be 3.0.0 (io.js’ current version is 2.0.1 y Node.js’ is 0.12.2).

Are you ready for Node.js post-convergence era? Stay tuned for upcoming updates from Platzi.

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