5 Tips For Increasing Your Mobile App Installs


5 years ago

Developing an app is one thing, getting people to download it is quite another. Well, not really! Both enjoy a symbiotic relationship with each other. Think of these as two overlapping circles which share a region where they influence each other. These 5 tips can help you increase your mobile app installs by addressing this core element.

###1. Keep The Interface Extremely Simple:

This is the most essential of all things. Your app interface must be so simple that even a five-year-old can navigate his way through it. Keep the main features right at the front, where they can be easily seen.

As for smaller-but-important features, put them in relevant categories, but don’t bury them. Many app developers dump a lot of features in the Settings folder, because they don’t know where else to put them - and it’s deadly. The reason: very few of the new users ever visit Settings.

A new user always explores the app by using the features in front of him. If you hide some important functions of your app, it may get deleted before even being properly used, and certainly won’t get any of the viral sharing you need to boost your installs.

###2. Make It Compatible With Many OS Versions:

What if an Android user decides to download your app and then finds out on Google Play that it doesn’t work with her Android version? Does she update her device just for your app? Nine times out of ten, no! So if you are developing an app for Android, try to make it compatible and test it with as many versions as possible; and the same goes for other platforms.

###3. Microsoft Users Are Needy, but Not Insulated:

Microsoft app store offers very few apps to its users. Most companies have no app for Windows phones… and here’s a potentially great market for you. There are users left absolutely alone by almost everybody. The market is there, but your competitors are not. It’s an open field.

What are you waiting for? By the way, these users (which you can easily win and get addicted to your app) can serve as a great word-of-mouth marketing for your app. They can bring all their Android- or iOS-using friends onto your app.

###4. Stay Away from Lame App-Building Platforms:

App developers building native apps get more downloads than those trying their luck with relatively unstable platforms. The reason is, users absolutely despise it when an app gets their system stuck. Why did Chrome overtake Internet Explorer, when everyone was defaulting to the latter? Simple, because it was lighter and didn’t lag.
Also keep in mind that mobile users are even quicker to move on. If your app does it for the second or third time, they’ll just give up on it. Worse, some of them may still take a minute to leave a scathing review that will doom your chances. Take the hint.

###5. Keep Your App Free - At Least Initially:

Everybody in the app business wants money. It’s a given, but the question is how you make it. If anything, you don’t make it by being irrationally greedy. Spare a moment to consider WhatsApp, Snapchat, Tinder and other successful apps. Most of them were and still are absolutely free to start with.

As you may remember, this was the case of WhatsApp until recently: it used to offer free service for up to a year before asking some users for the $1 subscription fee. By that time, the user would have gotten addicted to it but she wouldn’t change her number just to buy another free year.

So they have introduced an addictive idea first and then hinged it with something so important that the user can’t let go of. Now, you don’t necessarily have to wait for a year; but at least give the user some time to start using your app as her life support and then ask her to subscribe and/or buy extra services.

Do you have a mobile app and if so, how have you been driving installs? Let us know in the comments.



5 years ago

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