How to measure the right things: Metrics for Startups


6 years ago

Dave McClure, founder of 500 Startups, will teach you about Startup Metrics for Pirates (AARRR): Acquisition, Activation, Retention, Revenue and Referral.

Measuring the right thing makes the difference between death or liquidity, specially in the early days. Learn how to find what to track and why building a product is not enough.

This is a Free Course from Platzi and 500 Startups. With livestreamed classes on Tuesday, November 24 and answers to any question from Dave himself, in real-time. Don’t miss it and sign up today:

Live Session

Live class at:

PST: 7:00pm
Central Time: 9:00pm
EST: 10:00pm
UK: 3:00am - Nov 25
France/Spain: 4:00am - Nov 25
Col / Per / Ecu: 10:00pm
Mex / Gua / Cos: 09:00pm
Arg / Chi / Uru: 12:00am
Bolivia: 11:00pm
Venezuela: 10:30pm

Go from basic metrics to market-fit, learn about the customer lifecycles and acquisition channels. Everything to take your startup from pony to unicorn.

If you missed the live date, you can watch it on-demand as well.

John Freddy
John Freddy


6 years ago

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