Why Meta just got picked as one of the top VR startups to watch


6 years ago

Research firm CB Insights has just listed Y Combinator alum Meta as one of the top 13 virtual reality and augmented reality startups to watch. As its report pointed out, almost all of the large tech companies have shown interest in AR and VR, with a flurry of multi-million dollar acquisitions (Oculus VR, Metaio) over the last few months.

While it will have to compete against Apple, Facebook, Google and Microsoft, Meta is well positioned to become one of the leaders of this up-and-coming sector. On one hand, it has already raised $23.3 million in funding. On the other hand, it is also winning attention in the developer community with its Meta 1 Developer Kit, which can be pre-ordered for a relatively reasonable $667. Here’s how Meta describes it:

“Designed for developers of AR applications, the Meta 1 Developer Kit is the first true 3D Input/3D Output eyewear available on the market; boasting a 3D stereoscopic display, an IMU, a depth camera, an RGB camera, a microphone and 3D stereo sound.”

The first kits started shipping to all customers 6 months ago, with a new batch to follow very soon. In addition, Meta has been organizing workshops to give developers a chance to develop their own AR application with the Meta 1 SDK, which is built on Unity. If their apps pass QA review, they can also become ‘Meta Pioneers’ who will help the startup “shape the future of natural computing.”

Have you already pre-ordered a Meta 1 Developer Kit? Let us know in the comments!



6 years ago

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