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6 years ago

Hiring is one of the most important and most challenging roles of a startup CEO – which is why we decided to offer you a masterclass on this very topic.

In this session, you will learn how to find and attract the employees that you want to have in your company, how to conduct great interviews and how to keep the best talent.

Meet our hiring teachers

Iba Masood & Syed Ahmed

Our teachers are http://https😕/twitter.com/IbaMasood”>Iba Masood and https://twitter.com/syedahmedz”>Syed Ahmed, respectively CEO and CTO of Y Combinator alum http://gradberry.com/”>Gradberry. In the words of http://www.wired.com/2015/05/gradberry-tara-ai/”>Wired, the company is “an artificially intelligent recruiter for tech workers that aims to address Silicon Valley’s meritocracy problem.”

In practical terms, Gradberry recommends programmers to positions at fast-growing companies by analyzing their code to impartially identify the best candidates.


This is your chance to understand how successful startups such as Dropbox, AlienVault and PipelineDB detect and hire talent. In total, more than 400 companies have been using Gradberry to recruit software engineers, UI/UX experts and product managers.Make sure to register now!

Startup level

While Gradberry is working with several tech industry leaders, both Iba and Syed are more than familiar with the hiring challenges of early-stage startups, which they will address in their masterclass.

For instance, they will answer questions you might have about your own project, such as “To hire or not to hire?” or “Where to find the right candidates on a shoe-string budget?” In addition, the course will also cover interview best practices, as well as the HR admin side.

Free sign-up

It is worth noting that this masterclass will be entirely free – all you have to do is to sign up here to follow the live broadcast (which we recommend) or access the recording when it becomes available. Don’t miss it!

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6 years ago

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