Startup Finance: learn how to get those numbers investors want to see


6 years ago

Let’s face it: numbers can make or break any company, including yours. Yet, too many startup founders lack the basic knowledge that can help their venture survive and thrive. Worse, some of them altogether ignore the topic of corporate finance.

Our Introduction to Startup Finance masterclass is your chance not to be one of them, lucky reader. Why lucky? Because this masterclass is entirely free. More importantly, it will cover all of the basic and essential aspects of startup finance, such as:

  • How to make sure your company is in good financial shape;
  • Which numbers investors want to see;
  • How to integrate the ‘Salient Six’ and other key metrics into your story;
  • Why you should raise the right type of capital at the right time;
  • The six key components entrepreneurs need to understand from traditional financial statements (the ‘Salient Six’);
  • Why pricing is part psychology and part economics;
  • Why the best money you can raise is from your customers;
  • How to monetize your product or service.

Our teacher Lili Balfour is the founder and CEO of the SoMa-based financial advisory firm Atelier Advisors, as well as the host and creator of Finance for Entrepreneurs.

After spending fifteen years in investment management and investment banking, Lili decided to develop a firm to cater to the specific needs of early-stage companies. At Atelier Advisors, she advises leading brands across industries, from tech to consumer goods.

While advising companies at Atelier Advisors, she observed a common problem we mentioned earlier: brilliant founders avoided finance. She began writing about entrepreneurial finance to solve this issue.

As a native of Silicon Valley and a first generation Mexican American, Lili understands the importance of imparting wisdom learned in Silicon Valley to the rest of the world.

With that in mind, her goal is to teach the entire planet about entrepreneurial finance — including Platzi’s students. To be one of the first in the know, all you have to do is sign up here.



6 years ago

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