My Internship With Platzi


5 years ago

My name is Connor Goggins. I am a rising sophomore studying Computer Science at Columbia University and a graduate of Phillips Academy. My three-month summer internship working for Platzi was an incredible experience. During this time, I developed a new transcoding processor, interface, and player that work together to serve Platzi’s needs for on demand and live content. Not only did I learn more than I ever thought possible about computer science, but I also learned valuable lessons in collaboration and leadership.

Working in the San Francisco office, I gained immense software engineering experience and knowledge as a direct result of the projects Freddy and Christian entrusted to me.

Under their direction, I taught myself the underlying technical components that support each stage of Internet video streaming and then leveraged my newfound knowledge to design and develop an entirely new transcoding system integrated with CDNs (Content Delivery Networks) for Platzi’s live and on demand video content. I also configured and customized a secure HTML5-based player that could serve live and on demand content to Platzi’s end users using adaptive streaming.

To achieve this, I wrote thousands of lines of code in JavaScript and PHP that interacted with HTML elements and SQL databases, developing my own unique strategies and techniques such as layering and recursively calling various XML HTTP GET and POST Requests.

Throughout this process, I worked closely with third-party transcoding, CDN, and DRM providers, which allowed me to better understand the intricacies associated with the creation and delivery of an online media stream. In completing this multifaceted project, I was able to make a positive impact, furthering the mission of Platzi by helping to simplify and expedite our live and on demand encoding processes.

When Freddy and Christian asked if I would be interested in working in Platzi’s Bogotá office for a month during the internship, I jumped at the opportunity. Platzi’s office culture was vibrant – everyone was not only warm and welcoming towards me, but also highly motivated to make a positive impact through Platzi’s platform. When I encountered an obstacle while integrating my code with the Platzi system architecture, the Development Team provided invaluable insight.

At several points during my internship, I gave formal presentations to the Platzi Team. This was particularly exciting in Bogotá, as I was able to deliver a technical presentation of my work to all of the Platzi engineers. I learned to describe in Spanish all of the engineering concepts associated with my project. I enjoyed the independence and responsibilities associated with working in a foreign country on my own and gained a better understanding of many aspects of the Colombian culture.

Finally, I learned the immeasurable value of great leadership by observing how Freddy and Christian interact with the company and inspire team members to be their best. Their leadership in managing rapid business growth, their supportive nature in fostering a collaborative work environment, and their understanding of the complex technical components that support their platform distinguish them as future leaders of the Silicon Valley. I thoroughly enjoyed my time working for Platzi and would highly recommend the experience to anyone.

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Wow! This is a very cool and intense internship! It seems to me that you have received more in this short period than I have in 2 years of boring college.

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