Google Campus Madrid, a new home for entrepreneurs


6 years ago

Google Campus Madrid is officially opening its doors this week, and if you happen to spend time in Spain you should definitely pay it a visit. Here’s what we’ve learned about it when we got the chance to take an early sneak peek:

###A new home for all entrepreneurs

Campus Madrid is located in the Madrid Río area, in what was once the first factory to manufacture electrical batteries for industrial use. A plaque near front door pays tribute to its founder, pioneering Spanish engineer Isaac Peral (1851 – 1895), father of the Peral submarine.

Now entirely renovated, this historical multi-storey building has a total surface of more than 2,500 square meters. Its ground floor features an auditorium with a capacity for 200 people, as well as a café managed by Spanish healthy food chain DO EAT.

Healthy food and caffeine aside, this café offers all of the amenities you might expect in such a location, from chairs and tables to plugs and Wi-Fi. It is accessible during the Campus’ opening hours, from Monday to Friday between 9am and 7pm, which makes it a great place to have meetings or simply get some work done.

More importantly, the café is open to anyone who has previously completed an online membership application form and accepted the Campus’ community guidelines. As we read on a flyer we were given: ““If you have an idea, you are welcome at Campus.””

This is also true for event organizers, to whom Campus Madrid is willing to lend space for free. It is also organizing its own open events, such as Talks @ Campus, in addition to other activities such as Connect @ Campus, Mentoring @ Campus and Campus for Moms.

###Advanced levels

The upper floors features areas serving different purposes; for instance, the top floor is divided between a classroom and a 150-people co-working space. The latter is managed by global co-working network TechHub, which offers several levels of membership, with full-time members getting 24/7 access to this restricted area.

As for the second floor, it hosts another co-working space, shared by teams from startup accelerator Seedrocket, pre-accelerator Tetuan Valley and UP Global, the Startup Weekend’s parent organization that was recently acquired by TechStars.

Other facilities within the building include a Google office, an upper café with more sitting room, many lockers, recycling bins and bike storage space.

###A network of campuses

Campus Madrid is Google’s fourth Campus around the world - first came London three years ago, then Tel Aviv, then Seoul. Two other openings should take place soon after Madrid’s: Warsaw and São Paulo.

As Google for Entrepreneurs’ Director Mary Grove pointed out in a speech, Google spaces around the world are meant to operate as an interconnected network. For instance, Campus Madrid’s members will be able to take part in the Campus Exchange program and get in touch with entrepreneurs from other countries.

If you want to learn more about Campus Madrid and see how it looks, here’s its official presentation video:



6 years ago

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