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7 years ago

Want to learn how to work with Git and Gitlab? we’re here for you.

Tomorrow, February the 26th, at 5PM Pacific Time, Systse and Job, from the Gitlab Core Team, will share on our platform the best practices on how to start and deploy Gitlab.

Git and Gitlab Live Workshop

####They will cover:

  • An introduction to git
  • Groups, project, repositories and permissions
  • Issues, comments in GitLab
  • Command line use
  • Branching & git workflows
  • Merge requests & code review

And of course, how to set up your own Gitlab server.

Class will last for two-hours and will remain recorded on our platform once it’s over.

Sign up for free right now, on Platzi, to see it online: https://courses.platzi.com/courses/git-gitlab/

This is a great chance to talk directly to the people behind Gitlab. We’d love to hear from you and learn how to make Gitlab better for everybody. Don’t miss it.



7 years ago

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