Be prepared for DockerCon, "the largest Docker event of all time"


6 years ago

The second US edition of DockerCon will take place this June 22-23 in San Francisco. As its name suggests, it will cover all things Docker, from its culture and technical aspects to real use cases.

As you may know, Docker has become increasingly popular among developers and sysadmins, to whom its open platform offers an easy way to “pack, ship and run any application as a lightweight container.” As an open source project, it is receiving many contributions through its various GitHub repositories.

This enthusiasm has given birth to a growing ecosystem, which will be well represented at DockerCon 2015, expected to be “by far the largest Docker event of all time.” Users and partners aside, DockerCon will also give attendees the opportunity to hear directly from the company’s founder and CTO, Solomon Hykes, as well as from its CEO, Ben Golub.

Roughly three to four million developers are using Docker, Golub recently told CIO Journal. This helped the two-year-old startup raise $150 million, with a reported valuation of about $1 billion after its latest round.

###How to follow DockerCon’s activities###

Unfortunately tickets for the conference are already sold out, but the general sessions will be livestreamed (more info here). You will also be able to follow the conference on Twitter through its official hashtag, #dockercon, as well as its dedicated account, @DockerCon.

It is worth mentioning that DockerCon will be preceded by a 24-hour hackathon, which will take place this weekend. Winners will get a ticket for DockerCon, and a chance to present their project during the conference.

DockerCon will also be followed by a training day, but yet again tickets already sold out; however, we at Platzi will definitely keep you posted on future opportunities to learn more about Docker.

Has Docker made your life easier? Would you be interested in tutorials on how to use it? Let us know in the comments.



6 years ago

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