5 Distribution Channels to bet on for 2016


6 years ago

Distribution is a key element of your marketing strategy, because it helps you expand your reach and grow your revenue. Content is king… How many times have you heard this? And yet although this is correct, great content can only reach its audience through an appropriate distribution method.

If you want to achieve or reinforce your company’s growth in 2016, there are five distribution channels I would particularly bet on. I will detail their characteristics and the benefits each of them offers.

Mobile Marketing: The popularity of mobile extends worldwide, and marketing content can’t achieve its highest potential without including mobile platforms. In 2015, mobile access to the web overtook desktop access for the first time, a trend that is expected to last. There are over 6 billion cell phones in the world, one billion of which are smartphones - a key distribution channel.

Newsletters / Email: An indispensable tool for capturing potential customers is sending regular emails or newsletters. Through emails you remind those who visit your blog or website of your existence; you keep your target audience posted about your latest articles, promotions or publications that may be of their interest. An interesting option is MailChimp, especially if you’re an early stage entrepreneur and/or only have a small list of subscribers.

Video Marketing: If you’ve decided to create a viral video for your company and want to reach as many users as possible, have you thought about the best places to distribute it? Free video portals are a must: if your marketing plan englobes Video Marketing, you need to include content distributed platforms like Youtube or Vimeo. You need to come up with a full Video Marketing SEO strategy that takes into account not only viral positioning but also the language and tone to be used, at what point your corporate logo should show up, the values to be transmitted and of course, the most suitable distribution channels according to our goals.

Social Media: There three main pillars must be taken into account when addressing your company’s user-facing activities on social networks: Community as an element of branding, customer service as a catalyst for user engagement and advertising activities (including sales, promotions, and relevant events). A fourth pillar would be experimentation, which is not as obvious to the user but useful for your company. As a matter of fact, social networks are an excellent laboratory in which to test acceptance of new products.

Apps: As the ASO (App Store Optimization) technique continues to grow, the number of mobile app installs acquired by the App Store/Google Play search continues to grow. Apple does improve the App Store Search, though not as fast as mobile app marketers would like. Recently Apple introduced Trending Searches, Related Searches and a new section on the App Store called Discovery, which actually brought an extensive list of subcategories to make the app store navigation easier.

People do not acquire objects, but solutions to their problems. Relationship marketing works when companies get that aura of reliability that comes from insisting on serving their customers. The key lies not in knowing good sales techniques but in understanding the market.

The evolution of distribution channels is one of my biggest interests. As someone who works in Tech, I’ve noticed the rise in popularity of Google Hangouts over Skype/etc… The search functionality within Gmail definitely helps reduce friction and improve product usability. The rise of marketing opportunities on Instagram, Snapchat and Vine has also been fascinating to follow as brands try to harness the attention of Millennials.

If you have other channels that you see as a wise investment, write a comment and tell me about it.



6 years ago

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