Why business writing skills matter and how to improve yours


6 years ago

Ever wished you knew how to craft great emails and write killer copy? Our Business Writing class is your chance to develop great skills and improve your writing.

Here are some of the topics that will be covered:

  • why business writing is important;
  • what makes good and bad writing, and how to avoid common mistakes;
  • how to get effective introductions;
  • how to make sure your emails get read;
  • some recommended writing programs to use.

The class is very practical, with real-life examples and feedback on short writing samples. Our teacher is leading investor and media expert Roy Bahat, who is currently leading one of the West Coast’s most innovative investment funds, Bloomberg Beta. One of its feats? Having open-sourced its full internal operating manual, which is written in plain English and available on GitHub.

Roy Bahat

Bloomberg Beta is funded by Bloomberg L.P. and invests in early-stage companies that “transform work for the better.” With a whopping $75 million under its management, it has already backed startups such as Quibb, Prosperworks and Newsle, which was acquired by LinkedIn in 2014.

As you may expect, Bahat has been writing on this deal and others on his blog, which is highly recommended reading. A Harvard graduate, Bahat is also a lecturer at U.C. Berkeley, and is joining us for the first time on Platzi, so don’t miss it.

Before we forget: this masterclass is entirely free. All you have to do is sign up here!



6 years ago

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