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7 years ago

It was made to share and discover new products, but somewhere along the way Product Hunt unraveled something about product promotion. Something deeply important… about product promotion: Communities matter.

How communities help you is subject material on our course on Product Hunt. Taught by PH’s own Erik Torenberg. It’s this friday, the 20th or March at 1PM PST. Don’t miss it.

####Class will cover:

  • Building a product for your initial community
  • Rewards for early adopters
  • How to ask users to share
  • Use your core users to guide your roadmap
  • Offline community building
  • Build self-scalable communities

Our stream will last for two-hours and will remain recorded on our platform once it’s over.

Sign up for free right now, on Platzi, to see it online: https://courses.platzi.com/courses/build-grow-online-communities/

###Galvanize your community
On Product Hunt, users submit -well- products (normally apps or web services) which in turn are listed in linear format, by day. Then each product page has it’s own comments and voting system, not unlike the way Hacker News or Reddit works. Basically, the products with the most votes rise to the top of each day’s list.

The result? Product Hunt creates highly curated “top” or “category top” lists for products. And it works. And as an added bonus, the voting system encourages community, communication, promotion and opinion. Many of the qualities brands seek when looking for promotion.

###Product Hunt and Platzi

This is a great chance to talk directly to the people behind Product Hunt. We’d love to hear from you and learn how to make this community building system better for everybody. Don’t miss it.



7 years ago

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